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Autonomous, intelligent operating system includes 3D mapping and localisation for positioning, perceptions for understanding surroundings and autonomous drive for natural navigation.


Situation Cognisance

A single aperture environment perception and hazard analysis incorporating a 3D HD map.

Precision Positioning

True 3D mapping and Localisation by advanced multi-sensory data fusion to provide precise and reliable positioning.

Autonomous Drive

Complex and trailer based vehicle behavioural and trajectory model in control computation for humanized driving experience.


Multi-layer safety by intelligent data fusion and sensor redundancy for effective failure handling.

Digital Control

Integrated autonomous PLC for responsive and safe control that is industrially certified.


Vehicle conversion and drive-by-wire retrofitting kit for autonomous drive and control.



Secure multi-type commutations for high performance computing and interfacing.

Telematics and Diagnostics

Embedded vehicle telematics interface for drive performance analysis and diagnostics.

Responsive Control Engines

Low-level adaptive control engines for different vehicle speed and drive control profiling.

Vehicle Robotics

Precision steering and responsive braking solutions for high resolution intelligent digital control.

Engine Control

Integrated engine access and control for 3 modes of driving for autonomous drive, remote drive and manual drive.


Embedded safety functions with redundant communication channels and sensors for safe control and performance reliability.


AI enabled fleet operator for real time operations visualisation, intelligent job scheduling with traffic cognitive and data analytics.


Path Planning

Global path planning based on environment cognitive and traffic awareness to deliver optimum navigational path.

Business Intelligence

Predictive mobility analytics to empower operational management and enable strategic business decisions.


Parallel scheduling considering jobs and environment cognitive to improve operational throughput with seamless resource management.

Environment Smartization

Aggregated and classified perception semantics for traffic cognitive and environment analysis.

Visualisation and Operation Emotions

Scalable visualisation of live operations with a multi-format holistic viewing experience to allow a deeper understating of business operations.

Vehicle to Everything Communication

Localised vehicle to infrastructure bandwidth- efficient communication for intelligent navigation.


AIPER is an Ai enabled visualiser for vehicle system analytics with prognostics and diagnostics. This system enables understanding of behaviour of Ai enable systems


Data Visualiser

Real-time visualisation of Ai enabled autonomous system behaviors with kinematics information for safety assurance.

Data Logger

Multi-format 3D data logging of Ai enabled autonomous systems in all stages of sensing, processing and decision making for diagnostic and reliability assurance.

Data Anlayser

Studies the insights from complex 3D data to understand and trouble-shoot for diagnostics and verifications to identify areas of improvement.

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