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We provide autonomous mobility solutions for industrial automation to optimise business operations and improve quality of service.


Our story

Autonomy for industrial automation is our focus. We have designed a fleet of autonomous vehicles and specialist mobility solutions tailored to meet the needs of industrial operations, in particular port industries. Founded by Dr Rafiq Swash and powered by a leading team of seasoned professionals passionately working together to deliver autonomous mobility solutions and bespoke vehicles for port automation.

At AIDRIVERS, we are accelerating the transition to autonomous mobility for integrated automation to address industrial challenges, to optimise business operations and to improve quality of service.

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Advanced integrated retrofitting system

Drive-by-wire for autonomous drive ready retrofitting System.


Autonomous, intelligent operating system

AiOS includes 3D mapping and localisation for positioning, Perceptions and autonomous drive and control for natural navigation.


AI enabled fleet operator

Fleet operator for live operation visualisation platform includes job scheduling with traffic cognitive and data analytics.


AI enabled connected environment

Connected Environment for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication includes V2V, V2D and V2X.


Autonomous intelligent remote control

Remote control for exceptional handling of remote mobile vehicles.


Autonomous immersive simulation engine

Immersive simulation engine for autonomous mobility performance evaluation as well as digital twin.


Autonomous, intelligent operational management system

Autonomous, intelligent operational management system for knowledge creation from big data to support strategic decision making and management team.


Personalised natural user interaction engine

Personalised natural user interaction engine powered by natural language processing, human face and emotion recognition.



Aido model XL

Aido model XL is our self-driving, cognitive fleet of autonomous trucks. Our fleet shares environmental analytics to coordinate with each other and other heavy machinery, to deliver unprecedented levels of safety, precision and efficiency for any logistical hub.

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Aido model XS

Aido model XS is an intelligent trolley designed to autonomously handle and deliver luggage. Imagine being greeted at the airport by a secure, personal luggage attendant, no more check-in queues and much more time to shop, relax and simply enjoy your journey.

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Aigo model M

Aigo model M is a sleek and comfortable autonomous electric shuttle designed to navigate airport and seaport terminals quietly and safely. Just get on board, sit back and get to where you need to be on time and stress free.

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Aigo model XS

Aigo model XS is a personal autonomous electric vehicle. The aiGOxs checks you in and takes you wherever you want to go in comfort and style. Simply choose your journey, sit back and relax until the aiGOxs reminds you that it’s time for your flight and offers to take you to your gate.

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Our autonomy

Bespoke autonomous mobility paired with advanced data analytics is pushing the frontiers of efficiency, safety and comfort in both industrial operations and consumer experiences.

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Immersive interaction and integration of autonomous platform with real and mixed environment of people and automated systems.

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Autonomy with effective intelligent and cognitive to empower industrial automation.

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Responsible data acquisition with intelligent synchronisation, validation, fusion and management of multi-sensory platform.

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Autonomous retrofitting sensors, computing powers, medium hardware, PLCs and vehicle robotics.

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Integrated automation

Our Ai enabled solutions integrate autonomous robotics with continuous data gathering and analytics. We can give you the power to centrally manage and intuitively visualise everything that is happening on the ground, giving you new insights into your own operations and revealing new opportunities for optimization.


Do more with less. Take an integrated automation approach to the coordination of trucks, cranes and ships. Meet deadlines, increase productivity and centrally manage and monitor operations.

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Bring new levels of comfort and ease to travellers. Eliminate queuing and delays by elegantly coordinating activities with autonomous electric shuttle buses, personal vehicles and luggage handlers.

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Every second counts. Eliminate energy and resource waste, automate your operations and access new insights from continuous monitoring and data analytics, to achieve a better quality of service.

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Bring new levels of luxury and personal attention to your guests. Greet your guests at arrival and treat them to a personalised experience. Knowledgeable autonomous personal vehicles and luggage carriers greet guests on arrival and take them wherever they want to go.

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Why choose autonomy

We apply autonomy to industrial machinery to reduce stress, improve safety and quality of service in a sustainable way.


“Our mission is to accelerate autonomous mobility by addressing industrial challenges for sustainable automation.”


“Our vision is to deliver Ai enabled autonomous mobility automation which enable operators to optimise their operations and improve quality of service.”

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