Autonomous Mobility. Invented for sustainability

Truck at the port

Autonomous Truck

The terminal trucks are retrofitted with an AI-enabled autonomous solution to automate horizontal transport without the need for environment change or infrastructure upgrade.

Crane at the port

Autonomous Cranes

The quay and yard cranes are retrofitted with an AI-enabled autonomous system that includes perception with real-time 3D mapping and intelligent control systems to automate container handling without human intervention.

tractor at the services

Autonomous Tractor

Autonomous electric tow tractor with AI-enabled autonomous navigation engine to automate intralogistics for warehousing.

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Autonomous Retrofitting

Autonomous intelligent retrofitting system with drive-by-wire manager for precision drive control system with failsafe mechanism - a platform-agnostic specialised design for complex articulated vehicles.

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Autonomy OS

Autonomous, intelligent operating system includes precision 3D mapping and localisation, AI-enabled perception with situation cognisance and responsive autonomous drive with behavioural model of articulated vehicles for natural navigation.

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Fleet Operator

Specialised AI-enabled fleet operator designed to improve business operations, safety and productivity by delivering effective scheduling, efficient path planning and self-aware environment with cognitive awareness via V2X for mobility predictive analytics, telediagnosis and environment perception.

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Autonomous enabled integrated simulation platform provides a true 3D environment based on a global map coordinates system with embedded autonomous agents to deliver a real-world environment and staging framework for seamless integration with zero downtime deployment.

Sensor Fusion


Multisensory data fusion provides enriched sensing data with its safety and reliability for AI-enabled perception, precision positioning and autonomous control drive in challenging dynamic environments and demanding industrial operations, any weather conditions.

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The industry is suffering from high operating costs, skilled labour shortages and inefficiencies.

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The family-owned Royal Terberg Group develops, produces and modifies special transport vehicles, environmental loading and transport systems and weighing & identification systems for intensive commerical use. In addition, they provide a wide range of services directly or via our service network, such as maintenance, spare parts, repair, leasing and rental, trade-in, telematics and training.

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Aidrivers is strategically partnered with global brands to accelerate the transition to autonomous mobility and meet the needs of ports.

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