At Aidrivers, our mission is accelerating autonomous technology to meet the needs of industry for optimisation, resiliency and safety for a sustainable future.

Our Story

At Aidrivers, AI-enabled autonomy for industrial mobility automation has been our focus. We develop AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions tailored to meet the needs of industrial operations, particularly in the ports and logistics sector.

Founded by Dr Rafiq Swash and powered by a team of seasoned professionals and scientists who work together to deliver autonomous mobility automation for demanding industrial applications, UK-based Aidrivers has a presence in the UK (London) with subsidiaries across the world and works collaboratively with leading strategic partners.

Our bespoke autonomous mobility paired with predictive analytics capability is pushing the frontiers for efficient and effective operations with safety across industrial applications.

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Our vision is delivering zero waste and zero downtime across industry.

Our Values


We have a shared responsibility (#community) and everyone contributes to our success.


We act with #integrity, treat each other with dignity and respect.


People are the integral part of our #success.


Excellence prevails in the #quality solutions we offer


Knowledge is our power, together we drive meaningful #change.


We encourage and #empower everyone to achieve individual and collective goals.


Sustainable development is crucially important to securing our future (#sustainability).


Openness and #clarity of purpose are key to how we communicate.


A general spirit (#idea) of discovery is fostered in all aspects of our work.
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Aidrivers is building an amazon from the industry wastes. We are taking the initiative and leadership in eliminating energy waste with purpose and intelligent consumption.

Zero waste energy consumption is an effective way to protect the planet and keeping everyone safe that leads to a sustainable future

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Our Goals

  • To provide autonomous mobility solutions which meet the industry automation needed today for tomorrow’s sustainability.
  • To significantly augment the user experience in integration and deployment of AI-enabled autonomous mobility solutions.
  • To provide self-aware systems which deliver optimisation to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency.